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Excels at dimensioning apparel and non-rigid items. A bigger version of the Cubiscan 25 that can measure SKUs of any shape and color up to 90cm long and 60cm wide. 

Parcel Types: Irregular or unboxed items (i.e. apparel, spatulas, bolts) and boxed

Applications: Master data collection, storage, carton selection, pick ‘n pack

Measure dimentions

LENGTH – 0.2 to 90.0 cm
WIDTH – 0.2 to 60.0 cm
HEIGHT – 0.2 to 60.0 cm
WEIGHT – 0.002 to 25.000 kg

Data Connections

serial (1), ethernet (1), usb (1)


Measurement – 1mm
Weight – 0.002 kg


Measuring – infrared light beam
Weight – four load cells

uzklausos forma en

Features of the CS325

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