Services provided: instalation of warehouse management system, maintenance and support.

We implement USA company’s Made4Net supply chain management system SC Expert™, which allows quick and accurate managing of the goods moving processes starting from their supplier to the consignee.

Possible integration with ERP systems – SAP, AX, NAV, Rivilė, Pragma, Agnum, 1C and others.

Possible integration with couriers – DPD, LPExpress, Venipak, Omniva, Posti, Latvian Post, etc.


WarehouseExpert™ is a software core of SCExpert™, which offers excellent opportunities of managing warehouse and allows effective managing of staff, seeing recourses “in real time”, saving warehouse storage space and selecting customer orders accurately and on time. This module traces and manages each operation performed with a particular shipment, from the reception of the goods at the warehouse, the choice of optimum storage method, the calculation of the exact balance left on the account and implementation of measures intended to ensure that the warehouse space is occupied on time, to the completion of the order, the assembling of the goods and their loading into the vehicle.

During the installation of the warehouse management system module we adapt existing warehouse processes to the software functionality. In order for the warehouse management system turn into a warehouse job as smoothly as possible and meet customer nuances of the process, we make the required modifications and integration with accounting (or other) system.

Other SC Expert modules are TransportExpert™, RoutingExpert™, LoadingExpert™, DeliveryExpert™, BillingExpert™, YardExpert™, BillingExpert™.

During after installing time we perform maintenance work and provide emergency assistance to clients during their work time.

The average return on investment is 2-3 years. Warehouse internal processes are optimized based on the best global practices.


Possibility to serve the increased flow of goods with the existing number of warehouse staff (without additional resources);
Possibility to provide additional services with the existing number of warehouse staff;
Ability to promote employees on the basis of objective output criteria;
Increases labor goodwill, decreases staff turnover.

Decreases investment in warehouse equipment and its support;
Possibility of using the free software to provide 3PL services.

Increases speed and accuracy of order selections;
Validity of goods as well as other important attributes (production lot, LOT, serial no.) is tracked.
Information about the location of the stored production and duration of their storage;
Timeliness and accuracy of carrying out the orders;
Information about the selector’s productivity and appeared errors;
Information about vehicle’s idling in a warehouse.
Related to over-termed stock;
Decreasing “free mileage” (without creating added value) distances.
The possibility to serve a greater flow of goods in the existing warehouses;
Decreasing fee for the used storage area;
The ability to rent or to provide 3PL services in extra-free warehouse space.


Typical results of installing WMS according to the world experience

Increased warehouse turnover – up to 20%

Warehouse staff efficiency grow – up to 20%

Reduced demand for warehouse equipment – up to 25%

Increased usage of warehouse space – up to 30%

The accuracy of warehouse data rises up to 99,9%