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ME74 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

Superior Endurance — Durability Meets Enterprise Tech Brilliance

Embark on a journey with MEFERI’s ME74, the zenith of ultra-rugged technology for enterprise needs. A powerful Qualcomm heart synchronizes with Android 13, enveloped by the safety of Android Enterprise Recommended (AER). ME74 adheres to Google’s top enterprise standards, promising unyielding security. Its 4.3-inch display responds brilliantly, becoming a beacon of clarity. Dive into data realms with elite scanning capabilities, from Zebra and Honeywell, ensuring impeccable barcode readings. Advanced WiFi 6 promises consistent connectivity, while its rugged design withstands the most demanding conditions. Embrace temperatures as low as -30℃ and benefit from innovative charging with the 8 Pogo pin connectors. The dual cameras offer varied data collection while the Hot Swap battery ensures continuous operation. Discover the epitome of rugged tech with ME74.

Scanning Modules

Zebra’s SE4850 ensures rapid recognition, 1D / 2D capturing (scanning distance up to 20 meters with long-range).

Hot Swap Efficiency

ME74’s Hot Swap ensures zero operational breaks. Even during battery changes, the device remains functional. Reliability and efficiency are constants.

Intelligent WiFi

Embrace ME74’s WiFi 6 for modern warehouse demands. Guaranteeing speed and reliability, move freely without connection loss. Seamless Roaming redefines wireless excellence.

Blazing Performance

Qualcomm CPU delivers revolutionary speed. From swift data processes to application responsiveness, expect peak performance.

Extreme Environment

ME74 thrives from -30°C to tropical climates. Reinforced frame and IP67 protection from water and dust. Consistent performance in challenging conditions.

Adaptive Keyboards

Three distinct removable keyboards offer ME74 users flexibility. Switch between QWERTY and numeric pads effortlessly. Redefine device adaptability

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Features of the ME74


Pistol grip


Standard 6000mAh or Low-temperature 5180mAh

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